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STUDIO ARTE Flückiger AG – High quality frames that meet the strictest standards 


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Our business specialises in the manufacture of individual, high-quality picture frames and in framing paintings and photographs. Thanks to our experience, which stretches back over 33 years, and our highly-trained staff, we can take pride in orders of an elevated standard from Switzerland and abroad. We consider discretion to be our strictest commandment.
Thanks to our many years of collaboration with shipping companies, we are able to provide you with a guarantee of prompt but extremely careful delivery of your items at all times. Many of the frames and pictures we handle are either very challenging, large or valuable. We take this fact into account by allowing you to insure your items with us. You can then rest easy and look forward to the result. AU9A4927

Our Team

Our staff members are qualified framers, carpenters and gilders. They are familiar with traditional finishing techniques such as gilding and time-consuming designs.

We use the latest conservation and restoration findings in our work.

Christoph Flückiger Proprietor
Beatrice Flückiger Administration
Esther Schäpper Administration
Daniel Hunger Studio Head
Martin Canziani Framing, Sales
Corinne Bur Framing
Andreas Zeier Carpentry / Framing
Markus Candrian Finishing specialist
Ursula Rutishauser Framing
Antonio Faustino Carpentry
Michele Priore Carpentry
Michel Ritter Finishing specialist
Patric Reiner Framing, Sales
Adam Szwach Finishing specialist
Brigitta Bickel Personnel / Accounts
Melanie Weber Framing
Benjamin Naegelin Finishing specialist


We run our own transport vehicles that we use to transport pictures correctly and professionally throughout the whole of Switzerland. Naturally, we also offer a collection and delivery service, including a professional picture hanging service.