STUDIO ARTE Flückiger AG: Framing of the highest standard

Place your trust in our 30 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality picture frames for private works, museums, collections and galleries.

We produce passepartouts and stretch or museum frames in a variety of materials by hand

We produce frames in all sizes, from small to over 4 metres, and in any required design

Let us advise you on your choice of a suitable frame!

We would also be pleased to explain our Terms & Conditions of delivery and insurance to you in a personal meeting.

Frames in super-large sizes, true gold plating or with unusual surface tratements

Individualise your frame from a large variety of frame profiles, materials, lacquers and structures.

STUDIO ARTE Einrahmungen



• Schwarzes Café, Löwenbräu wide-area screen on aluminium stretch frame 470 x 264 cm (mobile)

Schloss Nürensdorf Plexi casing, 400 x 260 cm.


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